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NASHVILLE — Premier Global Production’s inventory of SL 100 mobile stages are hard at work this summer, on tour with a handful of Christian music artists who are barnstorming drive-ins in the south and southeast of America.

“I’ve been out on the tour and these are real good folks. We have become quite the team, “ says Merek Swaim, PGP’s mobile stage salesman. “They’ve kept us busy and we’ll take the work.”

COVID 19 — and the laws forbidding large mass gatherings because of it — have hit the live music industry particularly hard. Arenas, amphitheaters and theaters are closed throughout America, making it nearly impossible for live music shows to take place.

Many promotors and artist managers have turned to drive-in movie theaters, where the audience members can stay safely in their vehicles while the musicians play on a stage from a safe distance.

“Every show I have been at, the people are having a great time,” Swaim says. “It seems like people are starved for live music and at least this is one outlet that we have been able to provide to them.”

Early on in the pandemic, Awakening Events approached PGP about providing a small mobile stage that could jump from one drive-in to another, sometimes on back to back nights, for some very popular acts, including Toby Mac. The solution was our SL 100, an economical workhorse with a 24 by 20 foot deck and roof, that goes up and down quickly and doesn’t need a semi-tractor to transport it from gig to gig, cutting down on fuel costs.

“It’s been the perfect size for these events,” Swaim says.

PGP’s SL 100s will be working the drive-in tours throughout the summer and fall.

For more information on our mobile staging division, and the many stages we have available for your events, please contact Merek at

Premier Global Production is one of America’s largest lighting and staging companies, working with some of the biggest music superstars in the world.

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