Kevin Blevins | Business Manager

Kevin Blevins joined PGP after gaining more than 21 years of experience in the business world, but he has been a member of the PGP family since its beginning thanks to his close relationship with president and owner Troy Vollhoffer, a friendship that started in early childhood. In fact, Kevin grew up alongside Troy in the entertainment business, shunting road cases alongside Troy as a young stagehand before hauling spotlights around Western Canada for the fledgling company that would become PGP. Since moving to Nashville, Kevin has quickly become the face of PGP in Music City. A people person by nature, Kevin is a constant in the office and about town, representing both the lighting and staging divisions. Whether he is meeting new clients or ensuring existing clients are satisfied with all aspects of PGP, Kevin’s passion and energy represent the very best qualities our company has to offer. Email: Phone: 1-615-315-0802

Scotty Chamryk | Vice President of Staging Service & Accounts

Scotty has the honor of being the first official employee of PGP, joining the company full time in 1987. Previous to this, Scotty worked as a stagehand and rigger on local stage calls in his hometown of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. He also gained valuable road experience working for American staging companies supervising stage builds. His skill with his hands and his ability to visualize, plan and execute, come from his father, who was an ironworker and bridge builder. Scott has taken this talent and honed it specifically to the staging business, enabling him to build just about anything a mind can dream up. After joining the company, Scotty learned every facet of the staging business from early stage fabrication to stage builds on site to account management. Scotty’s client list is large and extensive and boasts dozens of diverse repeat clients. Every year, Scotty’s projects include the massive state fair productions in Texas and Minnesota and music festivals of all genres, all over Canada and the US, for clients as large as Live Nation. No outdoor musical event is too small or too large for a PGP stage, a message that Scotty has successfully taken to every corner of North America. Email: Phone: 1-615-315-0802

James Vollhoffer | Vice President of Lighting Service & Accounts

During a 16-year road career, James traveled the world many times over and became the consummate “road dog”, working professionally and selflessly with dozens of big-name acts, some of whom include Metallica, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Ozzy Osbourne, Tim McGraw and the Backstreet Boys. The fact that James has worked with many of these acts, many times, illustrates just how valued he has been in arenas and theatres around the world. James has also worked on many high-profile PGP projects, events that included work for the President of the United States and the Roman Catholic Pope. Though James still loves the road and visits PGP’s touring clients often, he is busy building his own extensive list of contacts and accounts for PGP’s growing and expanding lighting division, clients that include the Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Black Keys, Josh Groban, Kip Moore and the Fitz and the Tantrums. Email: Phone: 1-615-315-0802

Steven "Creech" Anderson | Senior Manager of Lighting Service & Accounts

Steven’s production lighting career has spanned more than 30 years. Born in Fort Worth Texas and raised in Florida, Steven moved back to Texas and found himself working as a stagehand in the Dallas Fort Worth area, eventually landing his first gig with Showlites in 1984. It wasn’t long before he realized the important aspects of our industry. Gear was gear and customer service was paramount. Steven had the privilege to work on some of the largest tours in the industry and with some of the biggest artists: Metallica, Rush, Elton John, Bob Seger and Aerosmith. In 2001, Steven toured with the Backstreet Boys as the lighting crew chief for PGP. After the completion of that tour, Steven began a new career in sales at PGP. Steven soon brought new clients to PGP and with it a ton of success and repeat business — Rush, Tim McGraw, the Scorpions and Billy Idol just to name a few — thanks to his tireless commitment to customer service. Email: Phone: 1-615-315-0802

Jamie Grossenkemper | Senior Manager of Staging Service & Accounts

Jamie has been around the entertainment industry for over 15 years. He started his career in Topeka, Kansas working for various festivals and fairs around that state and the thrill of the show quickly got into his blood. Jamie knew he had to expand his horizons. He saw his chance when PGP offered him a position in 2001, and it has paid off for both him and our company in spades. Since joining PGP, Jamie has worked in both the lighting and staging division, acquiring a knowledge of all aspects our company that is rivaled only by our owner. Settling into the staging division a few years ago, Jamie’s client list now boasts some of the biggest festival producers in North America. Every summer, Jamie’s leadership and commitment to detail are on display on our massive steel stages at shows like Lollapalooza, Austin City Limits and the Hangout Festival. Jamie’s diligence and tireless hard work continue to make the name PGP synonymous with quality and safety in the outdoor staging world. Email: Phone: 1-615-405-6160

Merek Swaim | Mobile Staging Project Manager

Merek, who grew up in the southeast, brings with him 20 years of outdoor music festival experience to our staging division. Working as a promoter rep, site coordinator and even stage manager, Merek has helped to stage some of the biggest and most diverse musical festivals in America, including Memphis in May, so he knows the importance of seamless production. Overseeing PGP’s many mobile stages, Merek works on events large and small, but ensures each and every experience for his client is a good one. Whether they are using one of our small but versatile SL 100 stages or whether they are employing our massive SAM 555 as a main stage, Merek ensures the production goes smoothly. Email: Phone: 1-615-315-0802

Anthony "Geddy" Kordyjaka | Design Manager

PGP’s design manager for lighting is Anthony “Geddy” Kordyjaka, who has more than 29 years of experience in concert lighting. Under Geddy’s direction, every light, every cable and every lighting console is put to the test before it leaves our facility. Geddy also creates all the paperwork needed to wire and mark a touring concert lighting system, ensuring a trouble-free experience on the road. Geddy’s attention to detail on the front end saves our clients money in the long run and is a fundamental value of PGP’s service package. Email: Phone: 1-615-970-0010